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Arthritis Pain Relief Herbal Menthol Oil Extract CBD Transdermal Patch

Arthritis Pain Relief Herbal Menthol Oil Extract CBD Transdermal Patch

  Product Description Battery Capacity(mAh) 500mAh Resistance(Ω) 1.2-1.5Ω...
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Product Details

Place of Origin:Anhui, China Product Name:CBD Transdermal Patch
Size:7*10cm/5*7cm or customize Package:2pcs/bag, 5bags/box
Color:Skin or customize Material:Elastic fabrics, Hot melt, Release paper
Function:Periarthritis, Lumbago, Traumatic injury, Muscular pain MOQ:5000pcs
OEM & ODM:Welcome Ingredient:CBD, Camphor,Menthol,Methyl Salicylate.
Sample:Free(Freight Paid)

Product Description


Product Description

Battery Capacity(mAh)






Oil Storage Capacity(ml)


Built-in Or External Battery

Built in

Display screen



pc/Aluminum alloy









1.Body design.

2.Pure taste.

3.Easy assembiy.

4.Comfortable design of cigarette holder.

5.Long battery life.


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